Our prayer book

Friend remember this……

“No matter the task ahead of you….It is never as great as The Power behind you.”

A collection of favourite prayers from the people of Rising Brook Methodist Church.

Some of the prayers have been written by the person named, others owe their source to another person, but all mean something to the person that submitted them.

We’ll post a new prayer from the book each week until they’re all online!

In Praise of Creation
Almighty God, Creator,
The whole of creation sings and speaks your praise,
The whole earth is full of your glory,
The Sun and Moon proclaim your greatness,
The stars of heaven reflect your Majesty,
Your works on earth speak to us of your love,
The day and the night,
The land and the sea,
The mountains and the plains,
The springs and dry places,
The animals and fish,
The plants of the earth,
No speech or words are used,
No sound is heard,
Yet their message goes out to all the world.
And man and woman, made in your image,
Made in love and crowned with glory and honour,
Created a little lower than the angels
And made rulers over all the earth.
Let us praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
To them be highest glory and praise for ever.
O Lord, our Lord,
How majestic is your name in all the earth.

Bill Berryman